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30th Dec 2018

Etsy updates + the benefits of working on your own stuff

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I’ve been really busy working on some new additions to my Etsy shop of recent and am looking forward to seeing how well they perform.

The importance of working on your own stuff

It’s only really over the last couple of years or so where I’ve properly worked on my own projects. It started off as something I did every now and then, but over time it’s started to become more of a habit (although life still gets in the way a lot).

I find self-initiated projects are a great way to stay motivated and give you opportunities to explore different styles and concepts that you wouldn’t normally get from commercial work. It’s also a massive bonus if I can earn a little extra money through actually selling my work.

It’s still early days for my Etsy shop and I’ve only had a handful of sales, but I’ve been putting more time into it lately in terms of getting new prints in there, as well as paying more attention to the listings I had in there already (e.g. imagery, SEO etc).

I plan to make this more of a habit from now on so hopefully you’ll see some more additions to my shop relatively soon.

New A3 prints for sale

View my Etsy shop in full here

What next?

As well as putting more time into designing my own prints, I’ve also been taking part in #dailylogochallenge (albeit not on a daily basis) in order to up my game in terms of logo design… so keep tabs on my blog for some updates for that in the near future!

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