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6th Jan 2019 | Design, Freelancing

As with my previous one, I thought it would make sense to share my current personal branding through a blog post. Here is the identity I put in place around late 2017 / early 2018.

This time round I thought I’d go for a more stripped back / minimal approach. Until now, I’ve always slaved over my own personal branding and treated it as though it should be some kind of complex masterpiece.

These days I’m more in the frame of mind that it makes more sense to just let your work do the talking. As a designer, your own branding shouldn’t overpower your portfolio. I’d read about this more straightforward approach many years ago but could never imagine doing it at the time, nowadays I feel like it makes more sense to just put something out there, provided it still looks clean, professional and fairly memorable.

I liked the idea of everything in my current identity being just one colour… the headings, body copy, logo and even the imagery — including the collage pattern I made out of scans of my sketches. I thought this monochrome look should help my own brand stand out.

As always, I got the business cards printed on Moo’s 600gsm Luxe cards and built my website as a responsive, custom WordPress theme.

What is your approach when tackling your personal branding? Let me know in the comments!



Thumbnail collage pattern

Business cards


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