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15th Jul 2020 | Design

I was browsing Instagram recently(ish), soaking up the design inspiration as I often do, when I noticed something that caught my eye from a page I follow — @blank_poster.

Blank Poster is an IG page which will post a word / theme each week and then designers submit a poster design based around that theme.

The theme on this occasion was ‘scale’:

‘I have definitely seen that somewhere before!’
I thought to myself

Unfortunately I had no idea of the original designer’s name that I was thinking of, but a reverse image search on Google thankfully fixed that… remarkably similar to the one featured on the Instagram page wouldn’t you say?

Pontresina Engadin poster by Herbert Matter

Pontresina Engadin poster by Herbert Matter

Myself and another IG user were sure to point out the similarity… unfortunately Blank Poster didn’t respond, probably due to their large following and amount of notifications.

Anyway, this whole situation got me thinking…

The original poster was designed in 1935… and here it is getting showcased as though it was designed today!

I find it pretty interesting how a piece of design can still hold up 85 years after it was made. Not just that people think it still looks cool 85 years later, but the fact that they can believe it was actually designed today. In the unlikely event that I live to reach 119 years old, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out and see if anyone is copying my work, and then I can take it as a massive compliment.

It makes me wonder what sort of work getting designed these days, if any, might still be doing the rounds in 85 years time.

What do you think will stand the test of time? Let me know in the comments!

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